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Diesel Performance

Key Phrase - EGT


EGT stands for exhaust gas temperature, and is the single most important indicator of how a diesel engine is performing. Unlike a gasoline motor, a diesel motor will continue to make power as more fuel is added. As more fuel is added, heat will be generated until the motor just gets too hot and things start to melt. This is a situation to avoid. Exhaust gas temperature is the ideal measurement of how hot the motor is, since temperature fluctuations in the gas are almost instantaneous. By upgrading your exhaust in combination with a Computer Programmer you can reduce these engine temperatures, even if you don't upgrade these components it is highly recommended to install an EGT gauge. If you tow with your vehicle this is particularly important.

If you would like to increase fuel economy, reduce engine temperatures, and improve the run-ability or your vehicle then upgrading certain components of your vehicle is the best way to go.

4" Exhaust - By increasing the diameter of your exhaust pipe you allow for heat to dissipate at a higher speed, the sooner hot exhaust can leave your engine, the sooner cool air can enter your intake, cooler air means cooler engine temperatures which results in increased fuel economy and run ability.

Computer Upgrades - Most programmers have three to five main settings so you can adjust your performance levels to your driving conditions. Average gains are 40-115 HP and 30-140 ft/lbs of torque depending on application. You can also adjust transmission shift points and recalibrate your speedometer to adjust for tire size. Programmers are simple and easy to use.

Air Intakes - Due to the fact that a diesel engine requires close tolerances to achieve its compression ration, and because most diesel engines are turbocharged, the air entering the engine must be clean, free of debris and as cool as possible. To improve a turbocharged engine's efficiency, the compressed air must be cooled after being compressed. The air intake system is designed to perform these tasks. Cool air is more dense than hot air, in short cool air has a higher oxygen count per unit volume. Thus cool air provides more oxygen per cylinder charge. More oxygen means a more efficient fuel burn and more power.

Gauges - A pyrometer is a temperature gauge designed to measure high temperatures above those measurable with an ordinary thermometer. Few things will kill a diesel engine faster than excessive EGT. In day to day driving EGT's normally stay within safe limits, but certain situations can arise causing EGT's to get to high, by installing the correct gauges, a driver can be aware of these situations before any damage is done.